Encelado was the son of Gaea and Uranus. Along with the other Giants he waged a war against the Gods. And he lost it.
Now he is under the Etna Volcano, buried there by Athena the Avenger.
Encelado is also one of the 64 satellites of Saturn. A magnificent sphere of ice suspended between the rings of its mother planet.
But under its frozen crust it could hide an ocean of water.
And in that ocean could swim the most strange jellyfishes of the Galaxy.
We should go up there. One day.

This record speaks of space and deserts, of poets and mythological creatures, of light and darkness.

“Soyuz!” it’s our tribute to the glorious soviet cosmonautics.
Although it was designed more than 50 years ago, the Soyuz it’s still the most reliable space vehicle in the world and the only one that can carry a human crew in space.
A screaming ode to the sturdiness of machines and Ideas.