LUZ was born in Rome in 2011.
LUZ's debut album “Polemonta”, featuring Tomeka Reid on cello, has been released in March 2014 by the Italian label AUAND.
To date, LUZ has performed over 200 concerts in clubs and festivals around Europe (Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia, Serbia, Poland, Croatia, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany and Netherlands) and its music has been broadcasted by several radio stations in Italy and abroad and used as a soundtrack for several documentaries and short independent films.

Giacomo Ancillotto plays guitar, performing with the Gronge, with Enrico Rava and with the Baap. Recently he plays mainly with Luz and Sudoku Killer with which he travelled in tour far and wide Europe and beyond. Giacomo is a founding member of the collective Franco Ferguson and enjoys situations of improvised music; he made several records collaborating with several musicians. His preferred interests concern literature, movies, selecting and tasting good wines and getting up late in the morning. Giacomo hates winter and writes short autobiographies in third person.

Igor began to study bass (both acoustic and electric) at the ``Scuola Popolare di Musica di Testaccio`` in Rome. In 2008 was admitted in the ``International Jazz Master Program (inJam)`` in Siena, Italy. Here he studied and performed with, among the others: Rufus Reid, Eddie Gomez, Drew Gress, Tim Berne, Reuben Rogers, Ben Allison, Jeff Ballard, Adam Nussbaum, Ben Perowsky, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Billy Hart, Bruno Tommaso. In 2009 he graduated in Sociology discussing the thesis ``The Craft of Improvisation. An Ethnography of the Jam Session``. Studied Jazz Composition at the Santa Cecilia Conservatory of Music in Rome. Teaches electric bass, double bass and improvisation techniques in several music schools in Rome.

Federico Scettri was born in Rome in 1985. He soon started playing drums and doing concerts with several bands, that led him travel around Italy and Eruope, collaborating with musicians like Francesco Bearzatti, William Parker, Paolo Fresu, Jamaladeen Tacuma and Cristina Zavalloni. He recorded more than fifteen albums and especially from 2007 to 2014 he intensively collaborated with the independent Italian label ``El Gallo Rojo``. He managed to work with ``pop`` artists (Patrizia Laquidara, Giovanni Truppi) as well as more avanguard bands (Pospaghemme, East Rodeo). In addition to acoustic drums, he also uses laptops and live electronics (he's involved in ``Wannabe``, a performance in duo with the dancer Fabritia D'Intino). He currently plays with the singer Chiara Civello, with ``Drive`` (Giovanni Guidi and Joe Rehmer) and with the ``Cosmic Renaissance`` by Gianluca Petrella.